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  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Marketer

Web Designing

We design and code fantastic websites, stores, web and desktop apps using cutting edge technologies and best practices.

Ecommerce development

Online shops and ecommerce solutions using Shopify platform, WordPress Woocommerce or any online store.

Graphic Designing

We are good at editing and designing photos of all kind, we create business cards, flyers and any graphic aspect of designing using Photoshop, Adobe Ai and other designing tools.

Business Consulting

We help unicorns to start out and to make their growth lean and profitable. Ask how.

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The service we offer to our customers are generally reasonable, our group of workers are specialists in what they do, we convey quick, we additionally help unicorns to fire up a productive business by giving them what they have to prevail in their business, we build up your business by advertising you worldwide.

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Who we are?

J-Tech Mask, we are a group of tech ace, we have our capable collaboration in all conveyance, as in, Web Designing, Graphics Designing and Digital Marketing, we additionally participate in business consulting in helping unicorns to fire up their dream business. We fabricate a superb future where numerous things are feasible. You can hire us today in your next project we are putting it to you that where you are isn’t enough how about we construct the future together.

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You can hire us on your next project, we can make you a site for your business, Event, School, Church, Organization, Enterprise and so on, all our website are mobile-friendly responsive, we can likewise make your realistic plans. And also manage and maintain your website.

Sell Anything Online


E-commerce business is where you can sell anything online, where you can sell any sorts of items like Fashion, Food, Electronics, Computer and Phone accessories, etc. E-commerce business is a decent stage for any individual who needs to sell online, one beneficial thing about eCommerce is that you can begin from a little to a major way, you can begin from home to sell anything with E-trade. You can get our E-commerce mini-importation E-book and perceive how you can import and sell all sort of items.

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business consultant

Let’s discuss that business you need to start up today since we accept that there’s some vision behind all thoughts. We can help you on an arrangement by giving out some plan to kick it off, all we need from you is a little about the business.


Customer Says

We have to say it that it wasn’t only by our power but God’s Knowlege and wisdom and you’re also part of all the achievement we have made because it was your ideas that give us the mindset and we thank you all for being part of us.

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  • 20 Umuzike Awada Obosi
  • Contact@jtechmask.com
  • +234 806 094 7521

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Contact Us

  • 20 Umuzike Awada Obosi
  • Contact@jtechmask.com
  • +234 806 094 7521
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